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LD Export Series: Master the Arab Business Partners

Typically, in the Gulf Region when a company upholds punctuality, it means a lot to the Counterparts. Punctuality attracts respect and admiration since it shows that you value others. When you portray utmost dedication, you build your image, and the target audience will view you as a realistic party.

Punctuality in the Gulf Region can be seen in two different ways.

First of all, in contrary to what we are used too in the western world, expect a vast number of people around the table or in the meeting room. All of them present to listen to your proposal. Be prepared and be on time, they all arranged their agenda based on your visit!

Secondly, they will expect you to be on time but expect delays from their side. They can easily change the meeting time and you will have to re-schedule your entire agenda. Please make sure to send them a message, reminder or an email one day before the meeting date. Don’t be offended if they ask you to slightly postpone the meeting. It is part of the local culture and will never mean a lack of interest.

For us, punctuality is also a sign of professionalism. When you’re punctual, you’re likely to stand out because of the trust you have in your inner self. Starting with respect, credibility to professionalism, among others, it’s always crucial that you plan to be punctual in all activities.

As stated above, punctuality is a wonderful trait. To reap from the beneficial virtue immensely, you need to plan for the following day adequately. Always work on your transportation means and understand the different routes to navigate the traffic jam effortlessly. Roads can be very busy in the main Gulf Cities.

Finally, make sure you are always on WhatsApp, easy way to keep them updated if any delays.

And now Yallah, it is your time to succeed in the Gulf,

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Francois-Xavier Depireux

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