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LD Export Series: Master the Arab Business Partners

When you think of the Middle East, one of the first thing that comes to mind is probably the appetite for development but also cultural difference. The influences trickle down to the statuses of relationships, which seem to be unsettled by western traditions. Finding the right partner therefore requires one to be invested in knowing their potential future partner.

If you are looking for a partner, you must particularly be ready to meet your partner in person several times; By visiting some partners, you will feel, that probably they won’t be the best agent or distributor for you. We invite you to openly check with them who are the main players in the market. As them their names and even contact details. Surprinsly they might share with you their market connections. You will also realize that they will mention very often the same names coming over and over during the discussions. So, this is probably wise for you to find a way to meet them before flying back home.

Typically, people in the Middle East have experienced inequality, and it is important to have an open mind when meeting somebody who is ready to adjust or readjust to different cultures or schools of thought. Legal issues can also make relationships in the Middle East quite different from those in the West. Be present and open minded, communication is always the keep in this region.

As a reminder, people in the Middle East customarily adhere to Islamic law. When meeting a partner, keep it in mind and be open to sharing your thoughts on religion. I bet your will be positively surpised!

Meeting a partner – regardless of their place of birth – requires us to be open minded and willing to love regardless of ethnicity, religion, or social class.

And now Yallah, it is your time to succeed in the Gulf,

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