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LD Export Series: Master the Arab Business Partners

Intend to establish your success in the Gulf Region and intend to grow steadily? Then one GOLDEN rule, „visit your counterparts more often”. So, prioritize face-to-face meetings.

Arguably, we live in a special situation, where using zoom to conduct a meeting has become a norm. However, Arabs prefer and like to be close with their business partners. So, visiting them and having some face-to-face time is highly important. It can let you flow positive energy between them, which will help in building a long-term relationship based on trust. It is because trust, as prior explained, is a critical element to do business in the Gulf Region.

Even more, visiting them can let them see you and observe how reliable and successful an entrepreneur you are. Arabs also used to ask various questions before doing business with you. These are meant to help them determine whether you are the right person for them or not. Also, Arabs are tactile and prefer to feel you by handshaking. So, avoid telling them to download your brochure. Instead, prepare hard copies and bring them with you.

Besides that, sending an email or reminders is never enough. Instead, people prefer using WhatsApp to perform different tasks here. People use this application to communicate or place orders. So, if not done yet, ensure to download this app on your mobile.

Another important tip is to be flexible while meeting with your partner in the Gulf region because it’s common for the Arabs to postpone meetings. On the other hand, from your side, be on time and deliver as per agreed, you will be judge on your reacticity…

Finally expect to be warmly welcomed, Arabs are popular for their warm welcomes! Expect longer talks during the lunch/diners you will be invited in. Good time to socialize and seal the partnership!

And now Yallah, it is your time to succeed in the Gulf,

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Francois-Xavier Depireux

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