Golden rule: Be Patient (EN)

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LD Export Series: Master the Arab Business Partners

What could be the definition of luck in the Middle East: „Making a successful sale or signing up with an ideal partner after your first trip”

You are willing to export products/services in this region, then be patient, be patient, be patient!

Working in the Middle East taught me to avoid excitement after the first positive meeting. Based on 15 years’ experience, we are now aware that it can take up to two years to find the great/expected partner to register the first incomes,

Visiting them is obviously clear for all now as its top mandatory! After the visits, you will maintain a smooth communication process with them, receive many requests and hence the eagerness to believe is a quick deal can easily raise up. Also note from your side that your will have to find a balance between frequent follow-up and not appearing too rushed. (Check out the blog: The only rule: visit visit visit)

The decision process is extremely slow, from time to time, your partner will have to wait for approvals from the local entities, institutions, customs or market feedbacks. The paper work can quite often be hard to handle without getting too nervous! 

Keep in mind, that developing the region requires a lot of patients, persistence, and hard work.   But no doubt that you will forget about the struggles when results show up.

And now Yallah, it is you time to succeed in the Gulf!

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