“InshAllah” and the deal is closed!? (EN)

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“InshAllah” and the deal is closed!?

Each person has experienced the word “inshAllah” in some point in their time in the Middle East.

Word “Inshallah” means:  I’d be happy to, God is Willing, if God permits it, it will happen.

InshAllah is a most well-known phrase which Arabs tend to use very often when discussing. For example: “InshAllah” to great cooperation, “InshAllah” to our future business, “InshAllah” I will answer your email etc.

If someone says “inshAllah” it should mean that they will try their best.

Working in the Gulf Region for the past 15 years, gave me an opportunity to learn basic words of Arabic language: InshAllah, Yalla, Halla Walla, As-salamu alaykum, Alhamdulilah etc. I am using these terms while meeting my business partners. They are always delighted when they hear a Westerner using Arabic words. These simple words will enable you to have a more open and easy communication.

Further, regardless of my origin, non-Arabic native, I do not hesitate to express my basic knowledge with my partners & friends.

They take it with respect and gratitude.

InshAllah breaking the barriers?!

Nonetheless, by using these expressions you will not secure the successful business deal!  There is no doubt that your products or services must provide the requested added value for them.

Consider this as a “fun fact” which will help you to engage with your business partners.

They love when foreigners are interested in their culture, language and history.

InshAllah as unkept Promisse

Unfortunately, through the years “InshAllah” has become a soft way of saying NO so people may tend to use “InshAllah” to avoid expressing a flat out “No”. Sometimes they use “InshAllah” but it means: Yeah, never going to happen.

You will have to find the signification, develop your 6th sense. Much more easier for ladies then for us, men who should now consider opening up new hidden sense 😊

Always Be yourself

No need to use these phrases in order to impress someone.  GCC hosts almost every nationality in the World and they live in the multicultural society for decades. You can work and live in this region by using English, only.

So, if you struggle with lack of confident by using their words, then simply avoid them.

However, in order to gain success & trust you will have to be honest, loyal ; both are part of the most appreciated characteristics.

If you’re curious to know more about how to expand your business in the Gulf Regions, would it either be to check your potential, by completing a Market Study or having us to hook you up with the right partners, please feel free to get in touch with us at office@ld-export.com and we will be prompt to serve you best,

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