Vancouver, a city with more than 630.000 inhabitants. The city is located on the Strait of Georgia, a part of the Pacific Ocean that borders Vancouver Island. Vancouver is an agglomeration, also called Greater Vancouver (Greater Vancouver) and consists of 21 municipalities. About 2.6 million people live in the agglomeration.


The Port of Vancouver is one of the most important in the world. The city’s port, the largest in Canada, trades worth $ 43 billion annually with 90 countries. In recent years, the city has also become more important for software developers, biotechnology and especially the film industry.


The region is in the top 25 of the Start Up EcoSystem and No. 1 for the most diverse economy in Canada. Its low production costs also make it the 3rd largest city in North America when it comes to the film industry. Vancouver’s beautiful surroundings make the city an interesting tourist destination. Visitors are usually attracted by the unique combination of the wide cultural offer of a special environment.


Promising sectors in the region: Advanced Business Services with finance, Technology, Green Economy and Natural Resources. Also, Life Sciences industry includes approximately 310 companies involved in biopharmaceuticals, medical devices, bioproducts and bioenergy, and the greater life sciences. Arts and Culture; Vancouverites spent an average of $ 1,000 per person on arts and culture annually. Overall, British Columbians are most likely in Canada to give to arts and culture.


World Trade Center Leeuwarden supports companies with international ambitions and helps to professionalize export and import by offering knowledge and opening new markets by connecting.


  • Introduction by Mr. Evert Jan Schouwstra, WTC Leeuwarden
  • Presenting the region video
  • Presentation about the region
  • Opportunities for dutch companies
  • Cultural differences
  • Q&A

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