Ballerup, nearby the main capital Copenhagen, currently has approximately 40.000 inhabitants. Denmark is a strong and historically stable economy, located at the center of prosperous Scandinavia. Greater Copenhagen is the largest market in Scandinavia, offering competitive taxation and labor costs and highly skilled employees. There are approximately 25 schools in Ballerup Municipality. Ballerup has its own educational institution specialized in the study, training, and research of music.

During the webinar Mr. Niels Andersen of Greater Copenhagen describes a number of advantages why Copenhagen is the perfect city to do business. One of the reasons he mentions is the low rental prices for offices, as Copenhagen is very cheap compared to other Western cities. Also, the rules regarding hiring and firing of staff are very advantageous.

There are many companies with a lot of knowledge rather than manufacturing companies in the Ballerup area. This includes business clusters such as IT and Tech, Finance and Life Sciences. The company’s focus on developments and R&D. The Danes have high productivity combined with high growth rates, of 10% on average. The companies in Ballerup have an export rate of 18.5%.   

Jette Rau appointed that sustainability is currently a popular topic in Ballerup, in cooperation with local companies, the university and the Municipality of Ballerup they expect to grow for all parties involved. Several international companies have already established in Denmark, such as: Samsung, TOPdesk, MicroFocus en TPVision.

The Municipality of Ballerup or the business HUB of Denmark can help you improve business plan and connect you with potential companies or business partners. It is mentioned during the webinar that the Danish and Dutch people do not differ much. But there are some tips, because it is important to be available when the local business partners need you.

Do you want to know more about doing business in Ballerup? Look at the webinar or contact us.

World Trade Center Leeuwarden supports companies with international ambitions and helps to professionalize export and import by offering knowledge and opening new markets by connecting with potential business partners through its global network.


  • Introduction by Mr. Evert Jan Schouwstra, WTC Leeuwarden
  • Presenting Ballerup video
  • Introduction by Ms. Benedicte Rønje – CEO World Trade Center Ballerup
  • Presentation about Why set up your business in Denmark? By Mr. Niels Andersen  -Business Development Manager, Greater Copenhagen
  • Presentation about Ballerup city, the region and business opportunities by Ms. Jette Rau – Director of Business Development the Municipality of Ballerup
  • Presentation about World Trade Center Ballerup’s concept and offer to international companies by MsBenedicte Rønje – CEO at World Trade Center Ballerup
  • Q&A

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