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Antwerp is the largest city in Flanders has the most important port in Belgium and is one of the most famous fashion cities in the world. There are a number of major economic sectors in the city of Antwerp, including chemistry, making Antwerp the largest integrated chemical cluster in Europe! Of course, its location on the waterfront is very advantageous; Antwerp is a logistics hub for Europe. But innovation and creativity are also important for the Belgian economy.

In the presentation Mr. Fred Niemans, chairman of WTC Antwerp and Mr. Erik Schroeven, director of NKVK Belgium & Luxembourg gave a broad description of promising sectors in combination with doing business in Antwerp.

Antwerp is one of the cities that was given the opportunity by World Trade Center Leeuwarden to present its city as a promising city for international business.

Belgium is the second export market of the Netherlands. There are approximately 42,000 companies exporting from the Netherlands to Belgium. The city is popular for entrepreneurs, in 2018, 5632 new companies started in the city. The country is divided into 5 parts which are specialized in different sectors; Antwerp focuses on energy, chemistry and the port where the biggest economic opportunities lie for Belgium. The highly located location with port, train station and airports offer enough opportunities for transport. The port is the second largest in Europe.

The University of Antwerp and the Fashion Academy with more than 40 different nationalities. Belgium is home to many talented fashion designers including Dries van Nooten, Tim van Steenbergen and Raf Simons who are now world-famous with their creations.

Core values such as trust, passion, huts, simplicity and connection are important in doing business with the Belgians. However, there are many small differences between the Belgians and the Dutch; for example, we are allowed to leave our directness behind and our patience is put to the test. Building the right connection with your collaboration partner is very important for the future of any collaboration.

The right quality may cost money and the experience of your customer is very important and plays a part in the advertising of your company or product. Also take into account the different languages spoken in Belgium: Dutch, German and French.

Want to know more about doing business in Antwerp? Then take a look at the webinar or contact us.

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