WTC Leeuwarden webinar series - Promising city: Algiers


Algeria is the largest country of Africa and is situated on the west side of a bay of the Mediterranean Sea. The city has a seaport and an important textile and leather industry. It is also mainly a university city. Algeria has substantial trade, but the external position is extremely reliant on hydrocarbon exports. Oil and gas exports account for slightly more than 97% of total export earnings

In the presentation Mr. Ahmed Tibaoui Director WTC Algiers, Ms. Chafika Hadji – Country Manager of Friesland Campina and Mr. Alwin Oud Owner of Sarl Alwin Algeria gave a detailed description of promising sectors in combination with doing business in Algiers.


Algiers is one of the cities that was given the opportunity by World Trade Center Leeuwarden to present its city as a promising city for international business.


Algeria is the perfect opportunity to trade; there are multiple free trade agreements for example with the European Union, Arab countries and in July 2021 the free trade agreements for African countries will be launched.

The Netherlands has a relationship with Algeria for about 400 years. Currently 97 Dutch organisations established in Algeria. The country imports milk powder, potato seed etc. from The Netherlands. According to Mr. Ahmed we can help Algeria develop on multiple fields such as agriculture, water expertise, maritime transport, renewable energy and new technology.

Doing business in Algeria is very nice, there are a lot of similarities between the Dutch and Algerian way of doing business. The French language is important in the country, English and Arab is also spoken. As new businessman or woman you should have respect for each other and the culture. Women are welcome in the country and according to Mr. Oud, they have more success than men.

Just like the Dutch people, the Algerians are pretty straight to the point. Honesty and direct approach are much appreciated. Mr. Oud is still amazed about the fact that there are not many Dutch visitors and entrepreneurs in Algeria because the Dutch people and Dutch products are very much appreciated!

Want to know more about doing business in Algiers? Then take a look at the webinar or contact us.

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  • Brief introduction by Mr Evert Jan Schouwstra, WTC Leeuwarden
  • Presenting Algiers video
  • Presentation about WTC Algiers, doing business in Algeria and Algiers region, and key sectors of the country
  • Q&A

Webinar and presentation

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