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Cyprus is an island with an area of 9,251 km2 and a population of 1,191,685 inhabitants. Limassol is a resort which is known as the centre of wine and argeological sites. Previously, the island was known for agriculture but tourism now contributes 70% to the GNP. The island is engaged in exporting citrus fruits, potatoes, grapes, almonds, figs and tobacco. The island provides highly qualified labour and cost-effective, yet high quality of life.

During the presentation Mr. Antony Georgakis – Operations Manager WTC Cyprus and Mr. Andreas Pishias – General Secretary of the Cyprus International Businesses Association (CIBA) gave a comprehensive description of promising sectors in combination with doing business in Limassol, Cyprus.

Limassol is one of the cities that was given the opportunity by World Trade Center Leeuwarden to present its city as a promising city for international business.

Multiple International Banks, Forex Companies and Audit companies have preceded you. The island is also known for its wine production, the annual wine festival is organized for this purpose. The main exports are manufactured goods like clothing, pharmaceutical, products, wine, cement, furniture and agricultural products. These products mainly go to The UK, Greece and Germany.

Cyprus International Business Association (CIBA) is an organisation which was created on the initiative of a number of foreign business leaders who have relocated their international activities to Cyprus because of the central location between Europe and Africa in the Middle East and the Far East. The CIBA provides services to start and run a business at Cyprus more easily. More than 700 international firms are registered already.

The business culture on the island is based on respect, hospitality and personal trust. Due to the many experiences with foreign traders and companies, Cypriot businessmen have sharp international vision, they also use this knowledge during negotiations. Trust is the key to successful business transactions in Cyprus. Through years of experience with foreign entrepreneurs, there is a business friendly infrastructure and has brought global recognition as an international business center. This is a nice solid foundation to continue your business on Cyprus!

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World Trade Center Leeuwarden supports companies with international ambitions and helps to professionalize export and import by offering knowledge and opening new markets by connecting with potential business partners through its global network.


  • Brief introduction by Mr Evert Jan Schouwstra, WTC Leeuwarden
  • Presenting Cyrpus video
  • Presentation about WTC Limassol, doing business in Cyprus and Limassol and key sectors of the country. By Mr. Antony Georgakis – Operations Manager
  • Presentation about Cyprus International Businesses Association and why do business in Cyprus? By Mr. Andreas Pishias – General Secretary of the Cyprus International Businesses Association (CIBA)
  • Q&A

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