Querétaro, webinar 24th of september


On Thursday 24 September, WTC Leeuwarden | North Netherlands in cooperation with WTC Querétaro organizes a webinar on the promising sectors in Querétaro and Mexico.

The state of Querétaro is one of the 31 states of Mexico, is located in the heart of Mexico, has one and a half million inhabitants and is one of the most developed regions of Mexico. The state consists of five economic regions, which focus on industry, handicrafts and textiles, or agriculture. But the aviation industry has also become increasingly prominent in Querétaro since 2007, with the arrival of the Canadian Bombardier. In addition, the share of the automotive industry continues to grow. With more than 20 industrial parks, 45 research and development centers and more than 800 world-class companies, there are great opportunities for companies from (Northern) the Netherlands to export to the region.

In addition, the city has an excellent strategic location due to its proximity to the country’s main seaports. The capital of the state of Querétaro is Santiago de Querétaro, popularly known as Querétaro. With over one million inhabitants, the city is number 11 on the list of Mexico’s largest cities. Especially the health care, agriculture and water sectors offer many opportunities for our companies in Mexico.

During this webinar the city will be presented with a short video, promising sectors will be discussed, export and import opportunities will be discussed, as well as the way of doing business and how to get in touch with a reliable business partner.


  • Brief introduction by Mr Evert Jan Schouwstra, WTC Leeuwarden
  • Presenting Queretaro video
  • Presentation about WTC Queretaro: ”How does it work and what is their main focus?”
  • NBSO Presentation: “How did the Dutch get so successful in Queretaro and how can your company be next?”
  • Q&A

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