WEBINAR | Kazakhstan & Georgia


Are you looking for new opportunities to expand your business? Look no further than Kazakhstan and Georgia! 

These countries offer immense potential for growth and development, with attractive investment opportunities across a range of sectors including energy, agriculture, infrastructure, and technology. With supportive government policies and favorable business climates, these emerging markets are ripe for exploration and offer a stable and promising environment for your company to thrive. Don’t miss out on the chance to be a part of the booming economies of Kazakhstan and Georgia. Take advantage of these untapped markets and capitalize on the opportunities they offer.

Georgia and Kazakhstan offer different business opportunities.


  • Strategic location between Europe and Asia and the Middle East
  • Favorable investment climate and economic reform programs
  • Low tax rates and easy regulations for starting a business
  • Opportunities in tourism, agribusiness, energy, logistics, real estate, and infrastructure.


  • Largest economy in Central Asia and rich in natural resources
  • Strategic location between Europe and Asia and the Middle East
  • Favorable investment climate and economic reforms
  • Diversification of the economy with a focus on industrial production, mining, agriculture, and tourism
  • Abundance of renewable energy resources and opportunities in infrastructure.

Some specific business opportunities in Georgia may include:

  • Developing tourism services and facilities in the coastal areas of the Black Sea and the Caucasus.
  • Operating agricultural land and exporting Georgian wine, nuts, and fruits
  • Developing energy projects related to renewable energy sources such as hydro, wind, and solar power
  • Building logistics infrastructure and developing free trade zones.

Some specific business opportunities in Kazakhstan may include:

  • Developing the mining sector and exporting commodities such as oil, gas, uranium, and copper
  • Setting up industrial production facilities for chemicals, machinery, cars, and electronics
  • Operating agricultural land and exporting Kazakh grains, meat, and dairy products
  • Developing infrastructure projects such as railways, roads, and airports to improve connections with other countries in the region.

It is important to understand the local business environment and seek professional support when considering business opportunities in Georgia or Kazakhstan. This may include advice and guidance from local lawyers, accountants, and business advisors to help navigate local laws and regulations and cultural differences.


  • 16:00 Intro Webinar Evert Jan Schouwstra -WTC Leeuwarden

  • 16:05 Video introducing  the region

  • 16:10 Netherlands-Russia Centre: Introduction and country overview by  Hans van Koningsbrugge 

  • 16:35 CRV:  Hielke Sportel his experience on doing business in Kazakhstan as Area Manager for International Business Development

  • 16:50 Q&A