Turku, Finland

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Turku is a city in southwestern Finland and is the oldest city in Finland.
The city is home to about 190,000 people. Turku, Finland, is one of the top cities with a free business environment. The city is referred to as a very fine environment to live in with high ratings for housing, commuting and safety.

Here’s a sneak peek at the cultural differences from Turku, Finland:

  • Be on time, compared to many other countries, the Finnish are very punctual
  • Making verbal agreements is very much appreciated, but remember to confirm the agreements so that it is on paper
  • Finns are friendly and very modest but do not like to dodge the issue, so get to the point quickly. When you do, make sure you are well prepared.
  • Alcohol consumption during a business dinner will be very limited. The Finns like beer but they will keep it limited during business dinners. Finnish cuisine is different from Dutch, they use a lot of local products and like to present them as well.


    • Introduction by Mr. Evert-Jan Schouwstra –WTC Leeuwarden
    • Presenting Turku video
    • Presentation by Mr. Niko Kyynäräinen – Director of Business and Occupation in City of Turku
    • Introduction WTC Turku by Mr. Jani Rusi – Director Of Operations WTC Turku
    • Doing business in Turku by Mr. Aschwin van der Woude – CEO  UrbanZee Oy
    • Q&A

Webinar and presentation

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