The weakest link – Business opportunities in Supply Chain Management in times of crisis

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400,000 Seaman stranded away from home. Major cargo capacity is taken out of the market because of commercial flight reductions. Space on the ocean carriers is rare. Economies worldwide are slowly recovering, but global logistics needs to reinvent itself to keep things moving. In all, this crisis, however, is also a big opportunity. An industry in which the last true innovation was the invention of the ocean container, now has the chance to evolve. More agility is required, smarter processes, and a higher attractiveness for the next generation customers and employees.

Join WebPort Global (WTC Boston and WTC Dublin) in hosting Martyn Verhaegen, CEO of Qwyk, and Cory Margand, CEO of SimpliShip, as they discuss the weak points of the global supply chain in times of crisis. They will share their vision on how innovative companies can help logistic players to ignite the boosters to become front runners in the new digitized supply chain.
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