A Dependable Powerhouse

Noted for its stable industrial relations, moderate rates of unemployment and inflation and sizable
trade surplus, the Netherlands provides a solid, reliable base for foreign investors. The country’s
important role as a European transportation hub keeps momentum flowing so that despite its
relatively small geographic size, the Dutch economy is the largest of the ‘small’ EU countries.

Main industries driving the Dutch economy • Agricultural industries • Metal and engineering
products • Electrical machinery and equipment • Chemicals • Petroleum • Construction •
Microelectronics • Fishing

Efficiently practical Efficiency is a prominent feature in the Dutch approach. For example, our highly
mechanized agricultural sector employs only 2% of the labor force, yet produces large surpluses for

the food-processing industry and for exports. Many types of industries can benefit from the cost-
effective production methods practiced in the Netherlands.

Well Managed for Success According to the World Bank’s 2012 figures, the Netherlands has some of
the best governance indicators in the world. It is also currently ranked 14th by IMD (Institute for
Management Development) for World Competitiveness.

Foreign investment, rising exports, low youth unemployment and lack of red tape are all contributors
to these favorable positions.

Properly prepared workforce With the Dutch education system aligned to the broad spectrum of jobs
in the Netherlands, a good supply of suitable labor is always available, regardless of the business or
sector in which your company is active.