Intercontinental Market Gateway

The Netherlands’ beneficial location for efficient international logistics makes it a gateway to an
extensive spectrum of key markets. Not just in Europe, but also in Africa, the Middle East and

With around 7,000 foreign companies already based here for that reason, we have established
numerous facilities and operations to fulfil their every need. Thanks to favorable government policies
and availability of suitably skilled workers, the country’s long standing tradition of international trade
continues to thrive.

Convenient transport • By sea: Port of Rotterdam. • By air: Amsterdam Schiphol airport. • By
advanced overland infrastructure: Via a dense network of motorways and railways, plus an extensive
inland waterway network.

Highly developed logistics • Distribution facilities for all major global logistics service providers. •
Extensive logistics support sector – banks, leasing companies, terminal facilities, etc.

Conducive to international trade • Highly skilled, flexible, multilingual labor force • Pro-business
government that fosters a favorable operating environment through business-friendly policies on
customs procedures and taxation.

Digital Infrastructure

World leading connectivity

The Netherlands is one of the world’s leading countries when it comes to internet provision. Ranked
#2 in EMEA for both broadband penetration and average actual connection speed (9.9 Mb/s), it
experiences average download speeds as fast as those in South Korea, which is generally regarded as
the world’s leading country in this respect.

The Northern Netherlands advantage

As the location for a local internet exchange (GN-IX), major datacenters and national and
international service centers, The Northern Netherlands enjoys a strong position in the Digital
Infrastructure. This results in uncompromisingly fast access, which is ideal for organizations who rely
upon high volume internet communications.