Everything your international organization needs

Fulfilling your potential in the European marketplace starts with investing in the right locations.
Locations that satisfy your organization’s diverse range of needs. With its high standards in logistics,
industry and technology, acclaimed food and chemical sectors and well-educated, multilingual
population, the Netherlands is a deservedly popular choice, as many have already discovered.

Energized through Power and Technology The Northern Netherlands’ competitively-priced local
electricity generation presents a very attractive proposition for energy-intensive businesses.
Meanwhile, the region also enjoys excellent IT infrastructure, housing an internet exchange (GN-IX),
major datacenters and national and international service centers.

Breeding Ground for Innovation Innovation is high on the agenda here, in a region that both
understands and actively supports it. The numerous knowledge institutes present in the Northern
Netherlands include the internationally renowned University of Groningen which, is one of Europe’s
leading Research Universities, offers degree programs at Bachelor, Master and PhD levels in virtually
every field. The Northern Netherlands is also home to several Universities of Applied Sciences.

Happy employees facilitate successful business with its attractive socio-economic demographic and
appealing culture, the Northern Netherlands is a great place to live and work.

The Northern Netherlands advantage

As a region, the Northern Netherlands provides all the benefits of the Netherlands as a country, with
many added features that give it a specific edge. While locally generated power and IT centers
provide cost-efficient opportunities, high-quality educational establishments ensure an innovative
environment. Meanwhile, attractive socio-economic conditions and wealth of cultural activities make
it an appealing place to live and work.

With so many benefits contained within a logistically advantageous area, the Northern Netherlands is
an ideal location for international organizations.